Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The No.1 Ladies´ Detective Agency - Alexander McCall Smith

What a lovely book! Of all the novels and texts I´ve read so far, this is the one I have enjoyed most. The author himself describes it as a crime novel without any crimes, but even so, it's extremely absorbing, and a good deal less predictable than most of the crime-based crime novels I´ve read.

I think the sections I will end up using are the two proposals of Mr. J. L. B. Matakone proposes to Mma Ramotswe (and possibly her dreadful marriage to Note Mokoti as a contrast/background). I think there might be some sort of comparison that could be drawn between these and excerpts from "Maru" (which would tie in nicely as it is also set in Botswana, handles the same themes of love and relationships, but was written by a Motswana).

I am only sorry the library here doesn't have the rest of the series so I can keep reading them for pleasure.


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